#150Trees - Planting for the Future

A remembrance of the past should always come with an eye looking towards the future. What have we done well that we should repeat? What have we done wrong that we can correct moving forward? With all of the buzz around Canada 150, the staff at GreenPAC have given these questions some deep thought in hopes of creating a meaningful initiative that reflects on the past and looks towards the future.

Canada's Forests

Of many things, Canada is known for its vast wilderness and beauty. As a country, Canada alone covers 9% of the world’s forest cover, and of this, we account for 40% of the world’s sustainably managed forests. However, Canada has also cut down an average of 4,000 football fields per day of forest over the past decade, and Canada is the leading country in loss of intact forest landscapes.

The land we occupy in Canada has been blessed with well over 150 years of some of the most magnificent forests in the world, but with this blessing comes a responsibility - to our ecosystem, to our current generation, and to future ones. The Canadian boreal forest alone stores over 208 billion tonnes of carbon, is home to half the bird species in the country and 3.7 million Canadians, among this 70% of our Aboriginal communities. It provides over $700 billion in free ecosystem services to us, and will continue to provide for us long as we let it.

Beyond Canada 150

With all of this in mind, GreenPAC is launching our #150Trees campaign to encourage Canadians to get outdoors and help Canadian forestry conservation efforts. We want you to get outside, get your hands dirty, and plant a few native trees and shrubs (and maybe remove some invasive species while you’re at it). Our goal is to encourage you, our supporters, to plant a total of 150 trees. So far we planted 4 on behalf of #150Trees, so we are asking you to help us out to plant 146 more! Make sure you share your experience with us over social media, and include #150Trees so we can count your efforts towards our total tally!

Our Trial Run of #150Trees

A couple of our staff joined the L'Amoreaux North Park Planting and Stewardship Event yesterday, where we helped plant over 120 native shrubs. This event was one of many that encourages community members to get outside and help with local forestry initiatives. The people that you meet at these types of events and the reasons they attend are varied. One of the more interesting groups we encountered was a landscaping company, Earth Inc., who does this type of tree planting every day. When we asked why they were spending their day off doing the same activities as their work, they said it’s because they like to volunteer their expertise to help the community. This altruistic and supportive attitude was present throughout this event, from the city staff helping to properly untangle the roots of our shrubs, to other planters taking initiative to fill up their peers' empty mulch buckets. Attending events like these are not only great for our forests, but they are great ways to feel more connected to community as well. 

Now that you're interested, come to the next one! The next planting events are below:

June 22nd 6-8pm: Caring for Trees Wychwood Barns

July 11th 10am-12pm: Tree stewardship L'Amoreaux Park (1900 McNicoll Ave)

We will be posting more opportunities to plant as we find them, so stay tuned for more opportunities on how to get your hands dirty! Remember to share your tree count on social media with the hashtag #150Trees.