Breakfast on the Hill

On October 18th, 364 days after the 2015 federal election, GreenPAC was proud to host its first ever Breakfast on the Hill: a networking event that connected our endorsed MPs with sustainable business leaders, GreenPAC supporters, international dignitaries, and like-minded environmentalists. It was a full house! Over 120 people filed into the Parliamentary Restaurant to share their vision of a greener Canada.

“We must make sure that we protect environmental stewardship while we promote economic prosperity, all the while understanding that indigenous people have to be part of that prosperity,” said Minister Jim Carr during his keynote address. “I’m optimistic that we are up to it. When you put men and women of goodwill around the room, they find that there are ways in which we can and will work together.”

Minister Carr’s words rang true as environmentalists from political, business, and non-profit spheres mixed and mingled. Our endorsed MP Fin Donnelly spoke with attendees about his bill to save wild salmon in B.C. Vice-President of Environment and Marketing at CAC, Ken Carrusca, discussed low-carbon cement. Valérie Courtois, one of our experts, educated guests on the Indigenous Leadership Initiative.

We must make sure that we protect environmental stewardship while we promote economic prosperity


The best part of our Breakfast? Attendees from all political backgrounds came together to discuss the environment, a non-partisan issue. “I’m thrilled to be here, as a Conservative and an environmentalist,” said our host, The Honourable Michael Chong. “GreenPAC is committed to ensuring that members of all political parties are supportive of environmental initiatives”. Minister Carr agreed when he later said, “We must throw aside petty partisanship for a much greater good.” Elizabeth McDonald, President of CanSIA, later tweeted that statement to show her support.

It was a morning of meaningful speeches, discussion, and networking, and we were thrilled to act as the host. We hope attendees left the breakfast with the determination and fire to tackle Canada’s environmental issues, as we did. In the future we’ll be looking out for their environmental initiatives, and creating more opportunities for environmental leaders to meet. If you’re interested in attending other events, learning more about us, or keeping up to date with environmental leadership, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

We are GreenPAC, and we are committed to building environmental leadership in Canada. We hope you’ll join us, and spread our message: the environment is not a one-party issue, and we need proven environmental leaders in politics.

 Full Breakfast Album here 

We would like to say a number of thank yous to everyone that helped make the event a success. Thank you to our keynote speaker, Minister Jim Carr, to our host, The Honourable Michael Chong, and to our endorsed MPs that attended: François Choquette, Joyce Murray, Fin Donnelly, Richard Cannings, Terry Duguid and William Amos. Thank you also to MPs Ed Fast, Jim Eglinski and The Honourable John McKay. Special thanks to the ambassadors of Peru, Switzerland, and the Federal Republic of Germany for attending. And of course, thank you to our sponsors: Bruce Power, Canadian Solar Industries Association (CanSIA), Cement Association of Canada, EXCEL Partnership, GreenLiving, Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC), Rio Tinto, and UA Canada.

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