Support a GreenPAC-endorsed candidate in 2019

Parliament_hill_flag.jpgOn October 21st, Canada will elect a new federal Parliament. GreenPAC is committed to making sure that, of the MPs elected, there are champions who support bold action on the environment.

We have big plans for the election. We'll be endorsing a record-number of candidates and supporting their campaigns. We're hiring additional staff in Ontario, B.C. and Quebec to build up volunteer teams. And we're revolutionizing our public engagement strategy to make the environment an issue no politician can ignore.

Will you join our efforts? 

We're asking our community for a donation commitment. When we release our candidate endorsements, we are counting on you to give these candidates the support they need. For lawn signs, advertisements, staff support - your future donation levels the playing field for environmental leaders and allows them to build a strong, successful campaign.


Will you commit to donating to a GreenPAC-endorsed candidate in 2019?