Party: NDP,Riding: Kewatinook,City: Gillam,Province: Manitoba

Eric Robinson has been involved with the Pimachiowin Aki Corporation, formed by the First Nations and the provincial government, which is is working to have 33,400 square kilometres (size of Denmark) of boreal forest between the Manitoba-Ontario borders in Canada recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  
As climate change reduces the length of the winter road season, Mr. Robinson worked with the East Side Road Authority to implement an all-season road network on the east side of Lake Winnipeg. The project has focused on using less land than the old road layout and is built primarily along the winter road systems.
Mr. Robinson was involved in the construction of the clean energy Keeyask Hydro-electric Dam project.  1,200 people - more than half of them Indigenous Manitobans - are already working on Keeyask.
Mr. Robinson has been heavily involved in the Northern Healthy Foods Initiative, which has more than 900 gardens in northern Manitoba, over sixty small green houses, promoting traditional harvesting and preservation of traditional foods along with more than a dozen small poultry operations in over 80 northern communities.  
Working with AKI Energy, Mr. Robinson helped establish the Market Garden Project, which is providing fresh, affordable and healthy locally-produced food to the residents of Garden Hill First Nation, while providing employment and community economic development and commercial garden on the reserve to supply vegetables and poultry for the community.
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