Federal Election 2015

We endorsed 18 candidates across the political spectrum in the 2015 federal election. See below for a short description of each endorsee's environmental leadership record. For more on our endorsement process, click here

William Amos


Party: Liberal          Province: QC          Riding: Pontiac         Status: Elected

William Amos has been involved in the environmental movement and politics for 20 years. Before entering the House of Commons, he was a policy advisor to the federal Environment Minister, policy analyst at Environment Canada, and board member at Sierra Club of Canada. Beginning in 2007, he maintained an environmental litigation and law reform practice at a national environmental law charity dedicated to defending Canadians’ right to a healthy environment. In that role, he represented community environmental organizations to set legal precedents to protect the public interest and hold governments and corporations accountable. He also delivered an Environmental Law Clinic course at the University of Ottawa, and has published numerous academic papers on environmental law.

Website: http://wamos.liberal.ca/en/     Connect with William:   

Richard Cannings


Party: NDP          Province: BC          Riding: South Okanagan—West Kootenay         Status: Elected

Richard Cannings has had a long career as an award-winning biologist and natural history author. He taught in the University of British Columbia Department of Zoology for 15 years, worked as a senior project biologist with Bird Studies Canada for 16 years, and has authored 12 books on the environment and natural history of BC. He served as founding director of the Okanagan Similkameen Conservation Alliance, a member of the BC Environmental Appeal Board, and co-chair of the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada. Since being elected MP in 2015, Richard has introduced legislation to protect local lakes and rivers from development. He is currently the NDP Critic for Natural Resources.

Website: http://richardcannings.ndp.ca/     Connect with Richard:   

Jim Carr


Party: Liberal           Province: MB          Riding: Winnipeg South Centre         Status: Elected

Jim Carr has been involved in planning and implementing climate strategies for years. He was a board member and Canadian vice chair of the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD), and was appointed to a task force on climate change by then-Manitoba premier Gary Doer. His most notable experience was working as one of nine presidents of leading think tanks who created the framework for the Canadian Energy Strategy. Jim has been a vocal advocate for investing in green technology and renewable energy sources, and for protecting natural lands. He currently serves as Minister of Natural Resources.

 Website: http://jimcarr.liberal.ca    Connect with Jim:  

Michael Chong


Party: Conservative           Province: ON          Riding: Wellington—Halton Hills        Status: Re-elected

Michael Chong has collaborated across party lines to tackle climate change issues for years. He has been involved in the All-Party Climate Caucus since 2011, was a vocal, public supporter of the Kyoto Protocol against the Conservative Party of Canada’s official position, and has worked steadily to move the dial on environmental issues within his party. He has also worked hard to secure funding for scientific and environmental research (Grand River Habitat Enhancement Project, Great Lakes climate change research at the University of Guelph), and for increased public transit. He was part of the Rouge Park Alliance for six years, working to secure the highest level of environmental protection for a natural area near human development. In 2017, he ran in the CPC leadership race as the only candidate with a strong environmental platform.

 Website: http://michaelchong.ca/    Connect with Michael:  

François Choquette


Party: NDP          Province: QC          Riding: Drummond        Status: Re-elected

François Choquette has made environmental action a priority since being elected MP in 2011. He introduced legislation to protect rivers from development, voiced opposition to hydraulic fracking in Drummond, spoke out against an oil port in Cacouna Bay due to the threat it posed to beluga whales, took part in the regional effort to safeguard the Forêt Drummond, supported a Canada-wide energy efficiency program, and organized car-free days in Drummondville. He has served as NDP Deputy Critic for the Environment and sat on the Standing Committee on Environment and Sustainable Development. He currently chairs the All-Party Climate Caucus.

 Website: http://francoischoquette.ndp.ca/    Connect with François:  

Nathan Cullen


Party: NDP           Province: BC         Riding: Skeena—Bulkley Valley         Status: Re-elected

Nathan Cullen has amassed a long, strong record of trying to introduce and pass environmental legislation since he was first elected in 2004. He worked on the Clean Air and Climate Change Act, the Climate Change Accountability Act, the Phthalate Control Act, and the Act to Defend the Pacific Northwest (ban oil tankers on BC's coast), among others. He has been a vocal advocate for a national public transit strategy, carbon cap-and-trade pricing, improved emission standards and an end to offshore oil and gas drilling in BC. He has served as chair of the NDP's Green Economy Taskforce, Critic for Natural Resources and Energy, and Critic for the Environment.

Website: http://nathancullen.ndp.ca/       Connect with Nathan:  

Fin Donnelly


Party: NDP           Province: BC          Riding: Port Moody—Coquitlam         Status: Re-elected

Fin Donnelly is an environmental champion passionate about protecting our water, coastlines and marine life. Prior to entering politics, Fin founded the Rivershed Society of British Columbia, a charity devoted to protecting and restoring B.C.'s watersheds, and served as its executive director beginning in 1995. Elected Coquitlam city councillor in 2002, Fin chaired the Environment Advisory Committee and Northeast Stream Stewardship Committee, and introduced motions to protect watersheds and local streams. As an MP since 2009, Fin has introduced acts to ban shark fin imports to Canada, protect B.C.'s waterways from development, and ban oil tankers off the province's North Coast. He founded and co-chaired the All Party Oceans Caucus, and now serves as NDP Deputy Critic for Fisheries and Oceans (West Coast).

 Website: http://findonnelly.ndp.ca/    Connect with Fin:  

Terry Duguid


Party: Liberal           Province: MB          Riding: Winnipeg South          Status: Elected

Terry Duguid has led and assisted with countless environmental initiatives for more than 25 years. As a city councillor in Winnipeg from 1989-1995, Terry worked to improve the city's water quality, transportation and waste management. Then he stepped into leadership roles, serving as chair of the Manitoba Clean Environment Commission, president of Sustainable Development International, and executive director of the Manitoba Climate Change Task Force. In those roles, he was actively involved in assessing the impacts of large waste and energy projects (eg. the Wuskwatim Dam in Manitoba), creating recommendations (eg. Kyoto targets), and implementing strategies to support water and climate operations and reduce pollution in Lake Winnipeg.

Website: http://tduguid.liberal.ca/      Connect with Terry:   

Kirsty Duncan


Party: Liberal           Province: ON          Riding: Etobicoke North         Status: Re-elected

Kirsty Duncan is a former researcher and professor who taught post-secondary courses in climate change, climatology and environmental health. She consulted to Environment Canada on the health impacts of climate change, and served as lead author for two years with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). She has written numerous articles on the need for government action to fight against climate change, water pollution, species loss and natural disasters, as well as the book Environment and Health: Protecting Our Common Future. A firm believer in the importance of cross-partisan collaboration to tackle climate change, she founded the first all-party climate change caucus in 2007. She was previously the Liberal Environment Critic, and now serves as Minister of Science.

 Website: https://kirstyduncan.liberal.ca/    Connect with Kirsty:  

Linda Duncan


Party: NDP           Province: AB          Riding: Edmonton—Strathcona        Status: Re-elected

Linda Duncan has stepped into leadership roles to advocate for climate action for decades. She was a prominent environmental lawyer, founder of the Environmental Law Centre of Alberta, and First Head of Law and Enforcement for the North American Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC). Since being elected MP in 2008, she has pushed for pollution control in the oilsands, rigorous environmental assessment, renewable energy alternatives, and a national transit strategy. She has introduced legislation to protect waterways from development and establish an environmental bill of rights. She sits on the Standing Committee on Environment and Sustainable Development, and is now its vice chair. She currently serves as NDP Environment Critic.

 Website: http://lindaduncan.ndp.ca/    Connect with Linda:  

Elizabeth May


Party: Green          Province: BC          Riding: Saanich—Gulf Islands          Status: Re-elected

Elizabeth May has been an environmental leader all her life, actively involving herself in more than 15 environmental organizations, writing eight books, and continuing to introduce and support environmental legislation as an MP. A few highlights of her environmental record include working at the Public Interest Advocacy Centre, where she challenged the use of the herbicide Alachlor, served as Senior Policy Advisor to the federal Environment Minister, played a key role in creating the Gwaii Haanas National Park, established federal-provincial treaties and then US-Canada agreements on acid rain, and became the first national staff for Sierra Club of Canada, serving as its executive director until 2006. Elizabeth is the leader of the Green Party of Canada.

Website: http://elizabethmaymp.ca/     Connect with Elizabeth:  

Joyce Murray


Party: Liberal          Province: BC          Riding: Vancouver Quadra          Status: Re-elected

Joyce Murray first joined the environmental movement as co-founder of an international reforestation company, Brinkman and Associates Reforestation Ltd., in 1979. She entered provincial politics in 2000, serving as BC's first-ever Minister of Water, Land and Air Protection from 2001 to 2004. In that role, she oversaw the process by which Spruce Lake Protected Area was named a provincial park, and helped lead talks with the Heiltsuk First Nation that led to the co-management of the Hakai Luxvbalis Conservancy Area. She has served as President of the Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment (CCME), and as vice-chair of the Liberal Caucus Committee on Environmental Sustainability. In 2013, Murray ran for the leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada, during which she received environmental icon David Suzuki’s endorsement as an environmental champion.

Website: http://joycemurray.ca/    Connect with Joyce:  

Romeo Saganash


Party: NDP         Province: QC          Riding: Abitibi—Baie-James—Nunavik—Eeyou         Status: Re-elected

Romeo Saganash has spent decades pushing for a safe, sustainable Canada that respects the environment and the role that Aboriginal peoples play in its conservation. He has served as vice-chair of the Cree Regional Authority, chair of the James Bay Advisory Committee on the Environment, and NDP Deputy Critic for Intergovernmental Aboriginal Affairs. He was a principal author of La Paix des Braves, the landmark agreement between the James Bay Cree and the Government of Quebec, that allowed the Cree to approve, manage and profit from development on their traditional lands. He is a vocal advocate for increased carbon pricing, renewable energy, a national energy strategy, protection of endangered species, and federal monitoring of environmental toxins in the water, ground and air. He currently serves as vice-chair of the Standing Committee on Indigenous and Northern Affairs.

Website: http://romeosaganash.ndp.ca/     Connect with Romeo:  

Dianne Watts


Party: Conservative          Province: BC          Riding: South Surrey—White Rock—Cloverdale          Status: Elected

Dianne's most notable environmental contribution was her implementation of Surrey's Sustainability Charter as the city’s mayor in 2008. The Charter provided a long-term vision of what a safe, sustainable Surrey would look like, and outlined action steps to achieve it. She also committed Surrey to developing biofuels, following the Climate Change Action Plan, and protecting groundwater and aquatic ecosystems. As chair of the TransLink Mayors’ Council on Regional Transportation, she spearheaded the Better Surrey Rapid Transit initiative, implemented a municipal electric vehicle pilot program in Surrey, and promoted construction of electric car recharging stations. In September 2017 Dianne resigned her seat as MP to run for leader of the BC Liberals.

Website: http://diannewattsmp.ca/     Connect with Dianne:  

Karine Desjardins


Party: Liberal          Province: QC          Riding: Beloeil–Chambly          Status: Not elected

Karine Desjardins has been involved in climate action and awareness for more than a decade. In 2006, she began working at National Ecocredit to help Canadian corporations reduce their GHG emissions. In 2013, she became a climate ambassador for Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project in Canada, organizing presentations in high schools, elementary schools and associations to raise awareness about the importance of climate action. Karine is currently coordinator of the French Chapter of Global Network Canada — the representative of the United Nations Global Compact Agency in Canada — which supports sustainable development policy development in private businesses. She is also a member of the climate change committee of the Conseil Patronal de l'Environnement du Québec (CPEQ).

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Bruce Hyer


Party: Green          Province: ON          Riding: Thunder Bay—Superior North          Status: Not elected

Bruce Hyer is a lifelong environmental champion passionate about conservation, halting pollution and promoting climate action. He has worked throughout North America on pesticide research and regulation, first helping to ban DDT in the US as a Senior Environmental Analyst in the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection, later in Canada as a researcher for Pollution Probe and member of the Pesticides Action Committee. Bruce earned the Conservation Trophy from Ontario Nature and the Eco-Olympian Gold from the Sierra Club for his essential role in winning protection for Wabakimi Provincial Park, the Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area, and numerous other wilderness areas. He sat as an NDP, Green, and Independent MP, and authored the Climate Change Accountability Act.

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Megan Leslie


Party: NDP          Province: NS          Riding: Halifax          Status: Not elected

Megan Leslie's environmental commitment traces back to her high school days, when she founded a student environment club and piloted a one-week recycling project in her community. She later created the Affordable Energy Coalition (AEC), which worked to improve the accessibility of energy services and developed some of Nova Scotia’s first comprehensive energy efficiency programs. As an MP, Megan served as NDP Environment Critic and sat on the Environment and Sustainability Committee, calling for studies on rising emissions, water quality, and climate change. She also worked across party lines to support the creation of the Sable Island National Park Reserve and the Rouge National Urban Park. Megan is currently CEO at World Wildlife Fund Canada.

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Gord Miller


Party: Green          Province: ON          Riding: Guelph          Status: Not elected

Gord Miller spent 15 years as Ontario's Environment Commissioner, the province's environmental watchdog. In that role, he protected Ontario's Environmental Bill of Rights, published a series of greenhouse gas and energy conservation progress reports, and supported action to protect bees from neonicotinoid pesticides, adopt the Provincial Parks and Conservation Reserves Act, and end logging in Algonquin Provincial Park. Gord previously worked for the Ontario Minister of the Environment for 14 years as a scientist and manager. He is currently an associate with ECO Strategy.

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