GreenPAC Candidate Matching Tool Drives Support for BC Candidates

Climate change and energy.

Water pollution.

Fish and wildlife protection.

Land protection and green space.

Local and organic food production and food security.

Transportation and infrastructure.


If British Columbia had a legislature that put these issues front and centre, every day and in every decision, imagine how different the province’s policies would be.

GreenPAC is setting out today to build that future by endorsing six provincial election candidates, spanning all major parties represented in the provincial legislature. These candidates have demonstrated environmental leadership beyond campaign promises.

You can use our candidate matching tool to find the endorsed candidate that best matches your political views.

Then donate your time, money, and enthusiasm to help get that candidate elected, wherever in the province you live.

The matching tool takes you through the priority issues at the top of this page (with space to write in your own). It asks you about your party preferences, if any, and the types of campaign support you’re willing to provide. Then we send you a personalized email, identifying the candidate whose profile best fits your concerns and priorities.

GreenPAC Endorses Six Candidates

The great news is that you’ll end up with a superb future legislator to support, whatever choice you make. Here are the profiles we’ve assembled on the six endorsed candidates:

We’re endorsing candidates in the BC election because we know the process works.

In the federal election in 2015, we endorsed 18 candidates across the four major parties. Of those 18, 14 were elected, and two are now Cabinet ministers. The 14 MPs bring widely varying political views to the House of Commons, but each of them—each in their own way—is working for the environmental values GreenPAC members uphold.

“Public concern about the environment and sustainability crosses political lines, and we need a BC legislature that embodies that concern,” says Vancouver-based GreenPAC board member Joanna Kyriazis. “Our endorsed candidates are an outstanding group of environmental leaders, and we’ll be asking BC citizens of all political stripes to help their campaigns with donations of money and volunteer time.”

The Time Is Now

The BC election takes place May 9, and the official campaign opens April 11. So this is your moment to make an historic difference in the province’s environmental laws, policies, and practices.

So fill out our candidate matching tool.

And then, let’s get started.

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