How-To Guide: Planting a Shrub

As a part of GreenPAC’s #150Trees campaign, we are encouraging our supporters to plant as many trees and shrubs as they can this summer. One easy way to do this is to join a community stewardship event. Another easy way to do this is to do it yourself! Here is your How-To Guide for planting shrubs independently.

Step 1: Gather your equipment!

Make sure you have at least two buckets of mulch, a standard size shovel (preferably one with places for you feet that you can jump on), gloves, a mulch pad (not pictured), and a native shrub (not pictured). All of these materials can be found easily at a Canadian Tire, Home Depot, or your local gardening store. 

 Step 2: Dig your hole!

Start digging! Using your shovel, make sure that the depth of the hole you are digging aligns perfectly with the top of your shrub's soil. Make sure to take off any tags on the shrub, and if the roots are tightly wrapped around the outside of the soil, then gently fan them out. Once all of these items are complete, then place the shrub into the hole.

 Step 3: Fill your hole!

Using all the soil you dug up, fill the area around the shrub. Firmly pat down the soil so it’s nice and compact. Give the base of your shrub a little tug to ensure it’s securely planted in there.

Step 4: MULCH!

Using a mulch pad, cut a hole in the middle large enough to fit the stem(s) of your shrub. Place the pad, with the stem(s) peeping through the middle, on the ground. Pour two buckets of mulch onto the mulch pad and surrounding area so that it forms a layer a couple of inches thick. Make sure to clean your shrub of any mulch that may have gotten on it.

Step 5: Admire your work!

Congratulations on planting your first shrub! How does it feel to know you’re making a positive impact? Good? Plant another one!