Interning at GreenPAC: Being a Part of Something ‘Grand and Successful’

Dana Rushak holds a B.A. in environmental studies from York University and is completing post-graduate work in international development and management at Toronto’s Humber College.

What aspects of your work for GreenPAC have had the greatest impact?

The biggest project I’ve assisted with so far was GreenPAC’s annual Breakfast on the Hill. I helped contact MPs beforehand and ran registration during the event. I played a fairly small part given the size of the event, but it felt rewarding to be a part of something so grand and so successful. GreenPAC’s unique niche for environmental politics combines my passions and my skills so perfectly that every task feels meaningful and exciting. I never thought I would have the opportunity to take so much ownership in such a dynamic organization.

Dana Rushak

I’ve found it particularly exciting to find ways to get students and young adults more engaged in politics. I’ve been working with my fellow intern, Tina, to try to open a pilot GreenPAC club at the University of Toronto, to assist with many of the campus outreach events we attend. If it succeeds, the club should be easy to replicate in other universities, wherever there’s enough student interest. I think this is a great opportunity for GreenPAC to expand its network, and it’s been particularly rewarding to take ownership of this project.

How has the work helped you develop your own knowledge and skills?

Kate and Sabrina are amazing teammates, and getting to work alongside them has been a huge learning opportunity. During my time so far at GreenPAC, I have had the opportunity to expand my professional network. I’ve learned how to manage the NationBuilder database. I’ve had a chance to practice my event planning skills. And much, much more. Working in such a small team has allowed me to take on small bits of a variety of roles and strengthen many of my professional skills.

One thing that has surprised you since you began working here?

I’ve been surprised to see the network GreenPAC already has in place. Their current list of contacts is just outstanding. I have never had the opportunity to interact with so many like-minded individuals doing amazing work for the environment. I hope I get to meet some of the board members and other experts GreenPAC has connections with.

How will your experience at GreenPAC relate to your studies, and to your career after you graduate?

Working at GreenPAC complements my knowledge, skills, and passion perfectly. I was so happy to stumble upon an organization that works in the niche of environmental politics, an area that I don’t think is explored enough. I’m hoping the professional skills and networks I develop here will lead into my own career in the sector. I’m considering a future career in environmental law, and I know GreenPAC has some amazing lawyers onboard.


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