Spring Cleaning Time: Four Ways to Get Ready for BC’s Provincial Election

The fixed deadlines in any campaign calendar make elections the ultimate seasonal activity. With the British Columbia election about to get under way, here are four steps you can take if you want to do some political spring cleaning and help shape provincial environment policy when voters go to the polls May 9.

1. Check out GreenPAC’s Candidate Matching Tool

GreenPAC’s Candidate Matching Tool is easy to use. You fill in your environmental interests and political preferences. Then the Matching Tool points you to one or more endorsed candidates who best fit your profile, so you can decide where to direct your dollars or volunteer time.

The information you share is confidential. It only takes a few minutes to complete the Matching Tool quiz. And it’ll help you have the impact you want before voters go to the polls May 9.

2. Get Set to Make a Difference

Environmental issues are never far from the surface in BC politics, and they’re bound to be prominent in this year’s election. From climate change and energy to fish and wildlife protection, from transportation to local and organic food production, the facts and arguments, choices and decisions that affect the environment often pass through the provincial legislature.

That means we’ll get smarter, more sustainable legislation when all political parties see environment as a policy priority and a vote-winning issue. You can help get the ball rolling during this campaign by reading up on the issues that matter to you, then diving in on the campaign that best matches your views and interests.

3. Set Your Calendar

You’ve already set the clocks back. Now it’s time to put the extra daylight hours to good use.

The official campaign period opens April 11. Polls close May 9. So this is one of those moments when a solid commitment over a limited period of time can make a big difference for the next four years and beyond.

You can volunteer for a campaign or make a donation to your local candidate. And if none of the candidates in your home riding matches your environmental values or political preferences, or you want to increase your impact, for the first time ever you have an alternative. You can donate to a GreenPAC-endorsed candidate, wherever in the province you live.

4. Get Out Your Walking Shoes

After a notably snowy winter, you’ve probably (finally) had a chance to trade in your boots for spring shoes. (If that hasn’t happened just yet, we promise...it will. Really.) In an election, walking shoes make all the difference.

Local campaigns are won by volunteers and donors. If you happen to live in or near one of the six ridings where GreenPAC has endorsed a candidate, there are lots of ways to help: by talking to voters, distributing lawn signs, or helping supporters get out to the polls on Election Day. Contact the candidate’s campaign office to find out what you can do.

But you don’t have to be nearby to take part. If you want to lend a hand from elsewhere in British Columbia, it’s easy to make a donation to the candidate of your choice.

Check out GreenPAC’s Candidate Matching Tool today to make a difference in BC’s provincial election May 9.