The Clock is Ticking: Here’s Your Moment to Build Environmental Leadership in the BC Election

VOTEBritish Columbia’s election campaign officially kicked off this Tuesday, and GreenPAC is right in the thick of it.

Endorsing six candidates across the province’s three major political parties was just the start.

Now we plan to spend the next four weeks delivering the support those candidates need most―including donations, campaign volunteers, and media outreach in the six ridings where they’re on the ballot.

If you’re anywhere in BC, it all starts completing our Candidate Matching Tool, to help you find the candidate who best matches your political values and your most important environmental concerns.

“GreenPAC’s mission is to build strong environmental leadership on all sides of every legislature in our country, and that means a provincial or federal election is our moment to shine,” says Executive Director Sabrina Bowman. “Canadians across the political spectrum care deeply about clean air and water, wildlife and wild places, and healthy communities. The Candidate Matching Tool is the best way to express those concerns.”

 Find Your Candidate. Make a Match.

Here’s how the Candidate Matching Tool works.

You fill in your contact information.


 Screen 1


You list the environmental issues that matter to you the most. (You get up to three choices.)


 Screen 2


You tell us what you would be willing to do to help a candidate win.


 Screen 3


You fill in your party preferences.


 Screen 4


Then―very important―once you’ve completed the quiz, you tell your friends about it on social media.


 Screen 5


Based on your answers, the Candidate Matching Tool connects you with the candidate who best fits your political and environmental values. Then, after you click through to that candidate’s profile page, you have almost four weeks to help make history in British Columbia.

Powering Environmental Leadership

We know this process works because we’ve been perfecting it since 2015.

GreenPAC endorsed 18 candidates in the last federal election, and 14―from all four major parties in the House of Commons―won their seats.

To help them get there, 2,500 Canadians filled out GreenPAC’s federal matching tool, and 123 made donations to their matched candidates.

It was a stellar effort for a first-time campaign. And it’s been getting better ever since. Matching candidates to the voters who support their green values is a great way to build environmental leadership in politics. And it empowers every green voter, even if you aren’t in a riding with an endorsed candidate.

In the BC election, if you live in or near a riding where we’ve announced an endorsement, you can play a more hands-on role on that candidate’s campaign.

Wherever in the province you live, you can still make a donation and help raise your candidate’s profile on social media.

But whatever you decide to do, the clock is ticking. The election takes place May 9, so this is your moment to get involved.

So take five minutes. Fill out the Candidate Matching Tool. Get involved in the campaign in whatever way you can. Then get ready to celebrate a sweet victory on the morning of May 10, knowing that you’ve done something important for yourself, your family, your community, and the province as a whole.

If you’re in BC, fill out our Candidate Matching Tool today, to find the endorsed candidate who best reflects your political views. Across Canada, donate to GreenPAC to help us build the environmental leadership our legislatures need. And share our new video with your friends, colleagues, and contacts!