Toronto Star Backs GreenPAC Endorsee Mike Schreiner in Guelph Campaign

Mike Schreiner (G, Guelph) became the first of GreenPAC’s eight endorsed candidates to receive a major media endorsement this week, when the Toronto Star encouraged voters in his riding to make the provincial Green leader his party’s first sitting member of the provincial legislature.

“It would not be an unwelcome development at all if the electors of Guelph were to decide on June 7 to make a little Ontario history,” the paper’s editorial board stated, after meeting Schreiner for a sit-down interview. “By dint of Schreiner’s own optimistic personality, or perhaps the candour that comes from having nothing to lose, it is arguably the Green leader who has been the most forthright leader in the campaign for the June 7 Ontario election.”

While the endorsement was sealed by Schreiner’s style, the editorial quotes a lot of the substance from his party’s platform. In his editorial board interview, he talked about school funding and basic income guarantees, electoral reform and a green job transition, all of which map back to the environmental leadership GreenPAC set out to support in this campaign.

“I’ve had so many people tell me, ‘We may not agree with you on that policy, but we admire you for telling it like it is and just being straight with people about the challenges we face and the actions you’re going to take to address those challenges,’” Schreiner told the Star.

“I think people are tired of politicians who are not going to be straight with them.”

Candour. Forthrightness. A willingness to engage, honestly and substantively, on even the toughest issues. That’s what Canadians of all political stripes expect of their elected representatives. And they’re the qualities GreenPAC’s Expert Panel was looking for when it came up with our list of eight endorsed candidates from all four major provincial parties. If you haven’t yet filled out our Candidate Matching Tool to find the candidate who best aligns with your own environmental priorities and and political inclinations, you should get it done right now!

We also expect our endorsed candidates to have a clear vision of where politics will have to go to address the economic, environmental, and social challenges facing our communities, our province, and our country. As GreenPAC Expert Panel member Joseph Pallant said last July, not long after the British Columbia provincial election, “the best time to grow a tree is 20 years ago. The second-best time is right now.”

That kind of forward vision is one of the most important qualities a GreenPAC endorsee can bring to Queen’s Park: If MPPs 10 years ago had begun looking ahead to the challenges Ontario faces today, there’s a good chance many of them would have been addressed, or at least mitigated. And if an organization that looked and sounded like GreenPAC had formed in 1997, the cross-party environmental leadership that we’re built to deliver would already be a reality, or a lot closer to it.

This is not to suggest that Schreiner and the Greens are the only place to look for environmental leadership. Quite the contrary! Our job won’t be done until that leadership shows up in all corners of every legislature, so that every major party is prepared to be an environmental champion in its own way.

The first big step down that road is happening right now, and concludes over the next two weeks. If you haven’t filled out our Candidate Matching Tool, please take five minutes and do it now. If you’ve made a pledge to your candidate but haven’t yet followed through with your donation, please send it now, while there’s still time for your chosen campaign to put it to use.

Learn more about why GreenPAC endorsed Mike Schreiner's campaign in Guelph, and how you can help.

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