Wanda Baxter

Environmental Policy and Planning Expert

Wanda Baxter has an M.A. in English and took a turn from there to do a second Master in Environmental Design at the University of Calgary with a focus on policy and planning.

She has worked for the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency, the Biosphere Reserve Network, Parks Canada, for municipal government as an Open Space Planner, for Helping Nature Heal, Clean Nova Scotia, Scout & Burrow (a PR firm working for Sustainability and B Corporations) and the Sierra Club of Canada Foundation. Though non-partisan, she also recently worked on ex Federal Environment Critic Megan Leslie’s re-election campaign.

Wanda is member of the Board of the Sierra Club of Canada Foundation.  She is also a member of the Executive Committee for the Atlantic Chapter where she is Program and Fund Development Coordinator. Wanda lives and works on an old, organic apple farm near Lunenburg NS and is a long time member of the band Cut, Split and Delivered.