What Leaders from the Environmental Sector are Saying

Top industry professionals, leading NGOs and academics are inspired by GreenPAC's mission to advance environmental leadership in Canadian politics. Here's what a few of them have to say: 



"Doing the right thing for the environment shouldn’t be a partisan issue. GreenPAC will help to support good people who support conservation in all political parties."

David Miller, Former Mayor of Toronto 


"I personally believe that there are good people who care deeply about the environment inhabiting all parts of the political spectrum. GreenPAC, which will help them come forward and run for political office, is long overdue."

Monte Hummel, President Emeritus, World Wildlife Fund Canada


"I've always been inspired by EMILY's List — the US organization that backs progressive women running for office. EMILY, refers to the shorthand tip for political success: Early Money is Like Yeast — it makes the dough rise. Along comes GreenPAC making it possible for those with a sense of urgency and commitment to environmental solutions to lead from Parliament. It's about time."

Joanna Kerr, President & CEO, Tides Canada


"In these highly partisan times it is easy to forget that many people of all political persuasions care passionately about the environment. GreenPAC will help those people translate that caring into informed political choices."

Avrim Lazar, Former President and CEO, Forest Products Association of Canada


"Canadians from coast to coast care deeply about protecting our environment. It is crucial that our elected officials are guided by our collective resolve to reduce our carbon impact in the fight against climate change. GreenPAC provides a mechanism to make that happen."

Deborah Doncaster, President, Earth Day Canada


"GreenPAC is helping to overcome the wedge politics that surround green issues in Canada. It promises to open a new chapter in democratic governance, one in which scientific evidence, sound economics and our deeply rooted values in environmental protection converge."

Scott Vaughan, President, International Institute for Sustainable Development


"Human degradation of nature is this century’s number one challenge yet it barely registers as an electoral issue. By supporting green candidates in all political parties, GreenPAC is a brilliant approach to finally make nature conservation and sustainability relevant in elections."

Stephen HazellDirector of Policy and General Counsel, Nature Canada


"The Canadian public is way ahead of our governments when it comes to environmental protection. GreenPAC is essential to closing this democratic deficit—and forging a sustainable, prosperous future for Canada."

Stewart Elgie, Law professor and Director of the Institute of the Environment at the University of Ottawa and founder of EcoJustice


"Canadians want to see our country as an environmental leader. But too often, our elected leaders aren't getting the message. GreenPAC amplifies the voice of the environmental community and ensures that governments act on the environmental values that Canadians broadly share."

Tzeporah Berman, Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Environmental Studies, York University


"Canada has an abundance of environmental solutions that create jobs and economic opportunities, but too often, there is a lack of political will to implement them. GreenPAC is what opens up the space for these solutions to see the light of day."

Merran Smith, Executive Director, Clean Energy Canada


"Canada needs solutions that are bold, practical and effective enough to address the challenge of climate change while creating prosperity in a rapidly changing economy. Unfortunately, the implementation of these clean energy solutions is often hindered by political considerations. GreenPAC is building political will across the spectrum to accelerate change."

Ed Whittingham, Former head of the Pembina Institute


"Taking on tough environmental challenges like climate change and sustainable energy requires leadership. GreenPAC brings Canadians together to recruit and support that leadership."

Lisa DeMarco, One of Canada’s leading lawyers on energy, climate change and clean-tech


"The future of our communities, our cultures and our economies depends on how well we protect our environment. But all too often, political leaders allow themselves to be driven by short-term priorities. GreenPAC helps ensure that leaders who are focused on our long-term future are putting in place the solutions we need."

Valérie Courtois, Director of the Indigenous Leadership Initiative


"GreenPAC helps address the pressing need to attract and support candidates, from all parties in Canada, who are committed to tackling our most significant environmental challenges, while building a prosperous economy."

Kent Brown, President & CEO, BluEarth Renewables Inc.


24 recipients of the Clean50 award have endorsed GreenPAC, including:

Francisca Quinn

Chris Henderson

Geoff Cape

Tom Heintzman

Gordon Lambert

Ed Whittingham

Bruce Lourie

Mike Morrice,

Merran Smith

John Gorman

Cherise Burda

Lisa Demarco

Tom Rand

Jim Harris

Blair Feltmate

Marlo Raynolds

Kent Brown

Celine Bak

Vicky Sharpe

Gavin Pitchford

Karen Clarke Whistler

Toby Heaps

Tim Gray

Stewart Elgie